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10 Best PS4 Dinosaur Games To Make You Feel Prehistoric

Cue the Jurassic Park theme song and get ready to run in these 10 dinosaur games for PS4.

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The popularity of dinosaur games and movies is here to stay it seems. But who’s complaining? It’s fun imagining a world where giant reptiles are at the top of the food chain again. Maybe it’s a morbid interest in the big teeth and sharp claws, or maybe there’s something thrilling about being hunted. Wherever the fascination comes from, it’s a good thing there are plenty of dinosaur-inspired games out right now for you to choose from. Here are 10 dinosaur games you can play on PS4 today!

#10 Time Carnage

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Playing Time Carnage is like loading up an arcade game and thinking, “I just want to shoot a bunch of cool shit.” In this first-person rapid shooter game, you get to travel through time to various environments. Drop into the new world like the Terminator and then start shooting. You will have the chance to pick what weapons you want to bring to each setting, so there is a tiny bit of planning that goes into it all.

Your enemies come to you. From dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle, to zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, to robots in a futuristic city, and more, you get to blow them all away. Choose from 25 different weapons and 16 different locations, and work through some of your frustrations.

#9 Dauntless

Okay, they aren’t dinosaur dinosaurs. More like dinosaurs juiced up with magic. But the monsters in Dauntless, called Behemoths, clearly inspired by some of the most well-know giant reptiles around. In this action RPG set in the fantasy world called the Shattered Isles, Behemoths roam the planet in search of humans to devour. You get to play a Slayer, either alone or with 3 of your friends. Your mission is to hunt down the Behemoths and then kill them, which sounds easy but could take up to twenty minutes to accomplish! Take whatever loot you can afterwards in order to craft and upgrade your weapons and gear in order to kill bigger monsters.

The RPG is free to play, so it should be easy to convince a few friends to play with you. The Behemoths are also fun to fight. They don’t die instantly, and they have different elemental abilities to use in defense. Sure, dinosaurs are scary, but what if they had boulders for skin that they could hurl at you? If you are looking for a game that let’s you upgrade your weapons and fight monsters, you should give Dauntless to try.

#8 Far Cry Primal

In Far Cry Primal, play as Takkar in an open-world setting in 10,000 BC. Alone and completely weaponless at first, you have to build all weapons from things you find in your environment, such as wood and rocks. Hunt and gather for your survival while also interacting with both friendly and rival tribes. Set traps for small prey and use spears, slings, and bows to defend yourself from the bigger predators.

While there are no actual dinosaurs in this game, there are dinosaur-adjacent creatures. Woolly mammoths, dire wolves, cave bears, and more alongside modern owls and badgers are just a few of the local fauna. As Takkar, you can tame some of the larger predators to help you hunt too! Plus who needs cars or horses when you can ride a saber-toothed cat? The goal of the game is to survive the predators, hunt your way through each day, and then eventually become the leader of the Wenja tribe.

#7 Horizon Zero Dawn

We mentioned magical dinosaurs before. Now we get to explore a world populated by robotic dinosaurs in the third-person action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn! Meet Aloy, an outcast from her tribe of Ella in a post-apocalyptic Wild West. While humans have become more primitive in the 31st century, giant mechanical dinosaurs, called machines, roam the wilds of the United States. Aloy is able to use a device called a Focus to scan the machines for weaknesses. Then she hunts them down for the parts that she needs for survival.

In this open-world environment, you will get to explore forests, jungles, deserts, and snowy mountains in your quest to level up Aloy and survive the various hazards. There are twenty-five mechanical creatures in the game, including our favorite: the Tallnecks. Aloy has to climb these giraffe-like machines to complete more of her map of her! And as usual, the wild is not her only enemy. Look out for rival tribes and cult members.

#6 ARK: Survival Evolved

you begin Ark: Survival Evolved naked and alone, washed up on a strange island. From there, you get to explore the open world environment to find shelter (and hopefully put some pants on). If you want to survive, you have to hunt for food, craft weapons, build a base, and gather materials. But the really fun part? The island of ARK is crawling with creatures! From dinosaurs to griffins to robotic creatures like the Scout, there are over 100 creatures to interact with.

The goal of the game is to tame them. A little aggressively, we might add. Use tranqs to sedate them and then their preferred food to tame them. This is time-consuming, as some creatures take longer than others to be tamed, but such a cool feature considering the huge variety there are to interact with. All good games need a little risk, so you have several meters to keep your eye on while playing. Health, stamina, hunger, and even how much weight you are carrying are all factors to consider as you explore.

For fans of LEGO adventure games and the jurassic-park movie franchise, play through the events of the movies in this fun action-adventure puzzle game! Play as one of more than 100 unlockable characters, including several kinds of dinosaurs, and explore the free-roaming overworld environment. There are twenty levels total, five for each movie: jurassic-park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, jurassic park IIIand JurassicWorld. To beat each level, play as one of the many beloved characters from the movies in order to solve puzzles.

Lego Jurassic World is a fun, light-hearted game for the fans. Mr. DNA will even pop-up and give you hints and fun facts as you play! And switching between characters to complete various puzzles is a great way to get the full experience.

#4 Horizon Forbidden West

The beloved Aloy is back! Still in a post-apocalyptic United States, though closer to California this time. Her mission from ella is to travel to the Forbidden West with a small group of companions in order to discover the source of a deadly plague. Like her de ella’s last mission, Aloy’s journey de ella will take her to beautiful ecosystems, like lush valleys, snowy mountains, and even underwater. She still has to face deadly machines, but this time she will also have to survive deadly storms and a group of raiders who have learned to tame the machines as ella mounts.

In this exciting new game, the map is even larger now! The added feature of exploring underwater cities is exciting too. Aloy will even be better at free-climbing this time around. With a bigger world, better tools, and new skills, Horizon Forbidden West is sure to be fun for fans of the first game.

#3 Minecraft Jurassic World DLC

With the newest addition to the Jurassic World movie franchise coming out soon, treat yourself to the Minecraft Jurassic World DLC! Manage your own dinosaur theme park Minecraft-style. When the park is closed, you get to play the mad scientist by collecting fossils and samples in the amber mines. Bring them back to the lab, do some science, and boom! You can create 60 different types of dinosaurs including hybrids. But when the park is open, you have to actually manage the park. Solve problems like freak storms and dinosaur breakouts. Your goal is to keep the park running as long as you can.

Getting to create the dinosaurs is such a cool feature. There are multiple steps in the lab that lead to making your new dinosaur babies. Plus, you get to drive around on ATVs, tranquilize dinosaurs, and create your own attractions.

#2 Monster Hunter: World

Calling all adventure seekers! monster hunter world invites you to leave the Old World and enter the New World full of all sorts of monster. Join the Research Commission on their mission to study the Elder Crossing as a hunter and track, capture, or kill monsters. You get to name your character and pick out your basic weapon and armor. From there you will explore in order to learn more about the dinosaur-like monsters. And if that fails, kill the monster and use the loot in order to upgrade your weapons.

The different environments that you can explore in this action RPG are beautiful and more than just an arena to battle in. You can take a peek at all of the wildlife hiding in the different ecosystems. Use Scoutflies to track down monsters, and choose one of fourteen different weapons, each with their own unique abilities. Plus, you get to hang out with a Palico, a cute little cat sidekick. So that’s fun!

#1 Jurassic World Evolution 2

If you ever thought you would manage the Jurassic World theme park way better than those scientists in the movies, here’s your chance to prove it! Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a simulation game where you get to build your theme park from the ground up. Create enclosures with each dinosaur’s specific needs in mind. If you put multiple animals in one enclosure, keep in mind how they will interact with each other. And herbivores will require specific plants to feed on. Don’t forget that you are running a theme park! That means you have to consider guests and the amenities they expect from a park, like bathrooms and gift shops.

When you have your park, then you need to hire scientists and harvest dinosaur DNA from fossils. Rangers and veterinarians need to be hired to keep your dinosaurs happy and healthy. But don’t overwork your employees! Because a disgruntled employee is likely to let the dinosaurs out on purpose! If you like construction and management simulation games, trying to contain dinosaurs will be a lot of fun.

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