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DB Cooper: Where Are You?!: What To Watch If You Like The Netflix Series

There are few unsolved mysteries as interesting, hard to believe, or hard to forget as the tale of DB Cooper, a nondescript man who became a modern day urban legend in November 1971 when he held a plane ransom before parachuting out mid-flight with a briefcase full of cash. Cooper has never been found, but there have been countless true crime documentaries released over the years looking into the fateful flight and the man behind the presumed fake identity, including the 2022 Netflix series, DB Cooper: Where Are You?!.

If you have watched the four-part docuseries about the myth and the man believed to be behind the legend and want to check out more titles that tackled the remarkable story, you are in good luck because we’ve put together a rather comprehensive list of impressive documentaries, docuseries, and other specials detailing Cooper’s crimes and legacy…

(Image credit: HBO)

The Mystery Of DB Cooper (HBO Max)

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