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Diverse Degree Programs at Keiser University



Keiser offers programs for most career goals, starting with associate programs through doctoral degrees and specific certificates. That’s what the university was founded on, and its degrees are still built on the same premise: to give students a solid foundation to build their careers.

There are a variety of associate degrees at Kaiser. Some are only offered on campus, and others are provided on the internet or in an integrated format.

The Associate of Arts in Cinematic Arts is a 60-credit degree program that studies the fundamentals of cinema, the techniques used in video and film production, and more. Since it is an end-of-course degree at this school, the credits can’t be transferred to another university. There are associate degrees in golf management, accounting, paralegal studies, fire science, and other fields. These degree programs will prepare students for an entry-level job and a career.

There are also a variety of bachelor’s degrees available at Keiser. The new web-based Bachelor of Arts in Automotive Dealership Management includes 124 credit hours. It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the management field of the auto sales industry. This Bachelor of Science in Animation and Game Design is a 120-credit-hour program. It comprises 120 credit hours and covers character development, animation, 3D modelling, levels design, programming languages, interactive storytelling and other topics.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a 120-credit-hour degree in English, Mandarin, or Spanish. It is available online, as is an online version of the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. The BABA includes 120 credit hours and is offered within the concentrations of Management; Hospitality Management ( which is among the three concentrations within this program that isn’t available on the internet); Human Resource Management; International Business ( offered in Mandarin or Spanish), marketing; Transportation and Logistics; Entrepreneurship and Equine Studies. The two other concentrations are provided on The Flagstaff campus alone. There are many bachelor’s degrees. There’s an Forensic Investigations Bachelor of Science that has an emphasis on either investigation or sciences.

Master’s degree programs at Keiser include those that offer the Accounting M. Acc. The courses last eight weeks, and students typically enrol one at a time. The program consists of 36 credit hours with core classes like Advanced Data Analytics, Advanced Governmental and Fund Accounting and Additional Topics within Accounting. The M.Acc . degree can be completed in as little as 40 months. It’s offered both online and on campus. The program offers both an MBA that is in Accounting as well as one in Business Administration that is provided on the internet as well.

This Master of Science in Counseling Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a 60-credit-hour program that includes three consecutive weekends of on-campus residences during key course dates. It will require 100 hours of practical experience and 600 hours of an internship; however, the school suggests having a 1000-hour training (40 per cent of it in face-to-face counselling) to fulfil the state-mandated requirements for licensure. The school offers 36 credit hours across twelve required courses, 15 credit hours of specializations, and nine more in practicums.

The graduate education programs in Education in Keiser. Keiser offers those that offer the Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) with a focus on Allied Health Teaching and Leadership as well as Career College Administration; in Leadership as well as Online Teaching and Learning and Teaching and Learning in addition to the M.S.Ed./MBA.

The above degrees are available in eight-week classes completed two at a time. There are no optional courses.

Graduate programs are available in various other areas, such as nursing, 13 doctoral programs, educational specialist degrees, and multiple certificates. They are all offered as campus-based, online or blended courses.

Information about Keiser UniversityThis institution was established on the 27th of July 1977 as a non-profit career college in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was established in 1982. was renamed Keiser Institute of Technology. Later, in 2006, it changed its name to Keiser University. Keiser was made a non-profit institution in the year 2010.

There are more than 18,000 undergraduates at Keiser, and the acceptance rate is 100. It is reported that US News and World Report places this school in the 272nd position among National Universities. The majority of classes have less than 20 students. The ratio of students to faculty is 14:1.

  • Keiser University Accreditation Details
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  • Accrediting Council for Business School Programs
  • Commission for Accreditation in Respiratory Care
  • American Culinary Federation
  • Accrediting Council for Education in Nursing
  • Accrediting Council for Occupational Therapy Education
  • Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education
  • As well as other

Keiser University Application Requirements

Students interested in applying to this school must fill out the online application form using an account on the portal for students. The fee is non-refundable. Application fee of $55. fee. Candidates should also arrange to get their official transcripts from their high schools, and the official test results of tests like the SAT or ACT submitted to Keiser University. They will also need to submit the SAT or ACTs are highly recommended but unnecessary.

Graduates apply for admission to graduate schools on the internet. They can submit an unofficial transcript from their undergraduate courses. However, the official transcript has to be submitted within one month of the start of classes. There are also two recommendation letters, successful completion with an exam such as GRE or MAT examinations, and the resume.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition for undergraduates at Keiser University is $21,008 per year. In addition, there are charges for student and other expenses, room and board costs, and materials and books. Students must also plan for personal expenses. Additional information on prices can be found on NCES’s website. NCES website.

Students are advised to fill out a FAFSA application early as they can. Alongside federal loans, grants and work-study programs, Florida has a Student Assistance Grant. However, it’s only intended for students at the undergraduate level. Keiser offers a few gifts ( that are based on low income) and scholarships for students.

In addition, there is departmental as well as activity (mainly athletics) scholarship opportunities at Keiser. Students can also research other scholarships on the internet. Service organizations, private individuals and businesses often provide scholarships.

Student loans are a popular resource. However, they can cause students deep debt when they graduate. The best way to pay for a degree course at Keiser University is by taking a part-time position or taking advantage of an opportunity to work on a pay-per-hour basis since they can provide students with invaluable work experience.

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Keiser University E Campus.



The Keiser University E Campus provides online education for students seeking to earn their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or doctorate. From the Associate of Arts in Accounting to the Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration, the Keiser University E Campus offers a diverse selection of programs. With an affordable tuition rate and flexible schedules, students can choose from a variety of courses and earn their degree without leaving home.

Associate of Arts in Accounting

The Associate of Arts in Accounting is an associate degree program that offers a well-rounded education. It’s ideal for students who are looking to enter the workforce and start building their professional experience.

An accounting associate degree is usually completed in two years. It includes a mix of general education courses, major-specific classes, and electives. Most accounting associate degree programs include a course in financial reporting.

Keiser University is a regionally accredited school. The university offers several bachelor’s degrees. There are also graduate programs, including a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.).

The school has a 100% acceptance rate. Students can apply online. However, it’s recommended that they take the SAT or ACT exam. You should also send an official transcript to the school within one month of starting classes.

Keiser University eCampus offers students a wide variety of services. These include virtual library services, academic tutoring, and other support. For qualifying students, it may offer financial aid. In addition, the campus offers day, evening, and weekend classes.

Master of Science in Accounting

If you want to advance in your career, consider a Master of Science in Accounting. Keiser University’s program will give you the technical and academic background you need to land an advanced position in accounting. It’s perfect for working professionals, and you can complete your coursework online.

The Associate of Arts in Accounting at Keiser University prepares students for entry-level positions in accounting and finance. The program covers the fundamentals of accounting, including federal taxation and accounting software. You’ll also learn about cost management and auditing.

The Master of Accountancy program at Keiser University is offered on campus, as well as online. Students take courses eight weeks at a time. Aside from classes, the program features on-site meetings and internships.

The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program at Keiser University will help you develop an understanding of the fundamentals of accounting, as well as other business-related skills. It will also prepare you to pass the Florida Certified Public Accountant exam.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration

Keiser University has a long history of providing superior quality higher education to its students. Their programs are designed to prepare graduates for a variety of professions. The School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts degree in business. They also offer several online programs and graduate certificates. Several of these programs are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The Master of Science in Management is a 33 semester credit program that focuses on leadership and management skills. It is a comprehensive program that provides a well-rounded knowledge of the modern business environment. Students will learn about essential business practices, including operations, managerial communication, and marketing.

Students pursuing a Keiser University degree will also receive excellent scholarships. They are expected to apply their education to teaching and research. In addition, the program features short residencies and intensive dissertation support.

Keiser University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program promotes the use of information technologies in a global business management environment. This program emphasizes critical thinking and ethical decision making.

Requirements for admission

Keiser University offers a variety of flexible programs. It is ideal for students who want a career-focused education. There are online and campus-based options available. Students have access to a wide range of support services, including resume preparation, interviewing skills coaching, and professional development workshops.

To enroll in Keiser University’s programs, applicants must meet the following requirements. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required. Applicants should also submit an official test result, such as the SAT or ACT.

An international applicant must also meet the following requirements. He or she must provide proof of a diploma from an accredited educational institution in their home country. In addition, an applicant must demonstrate that they are able to succeed at Keiser University.

All applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English. They must also have a valid GED or a high school degree.

Applicants must also demonstrate that they can obtain financial aid as a non-citizen. As part of this process, the applicant must fill out the FAFSA form.


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Keiser University in Miami.



Keiser University is a non-profit private university located in Miami, Florida. It is known for its hands-on practical collaborative learning. This university prepares students for jobs that are growing in number.

Getting to Keiser University- Miami

There’s a lot to be said for the Keiser University in Miami. It’s located southwest of downtown, offering the amenities of a modern university without the hustle and bustle. The campus has a plethora of facilities, including a career center, a well stocked library, and computer labs. Plus, the campus has its own park and ride service, making getting there easier than ever.

As for academics, Keiser University in Miami has it all. A number of programs are available, from the bachelor’s to the master’s and doctoral degrees. Students are also welcome to participate in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. This is a university for the student who wants to make a difference in the workplace. One of the best perks of attending Keiser is the faculty, who are all about helping students succeed.


Keiser University is a private independent not-for-profit university that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. The institution has a campus that is close to the beach, the city’s cultural scene, and several golf courses. A number of programs are offered online.

Keiser University offers a variety of academic degrees that are designed to prepare students for modern work environments. The school has a faculty that includes industry experts, alumni, and community leaders. This institution is also involved in the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, which provides opportunities for Spanish speaking students to get educations.

Keiser University has more than 100 degree programs. Its undergraduates receive scholarships, which help them to pay for their tuition. There are also international students from 60 countries. Approximately 20,000 students are enrolled at Keiser University.


If you are looking for an academically oriented university in the Miami area, Keiser University is one to consider. The school offers a wide array of degrees and programs, and has locations in Florida and internationally. Whether you are seeking a degree or an entry level position, the school can help you reach your goals.

The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It has a number of programs including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. They offer a variety of on-campus and online courses, as well as traditional delivery options.

Keiser University also has a strong focus on hands-on, practical, collaborative learning. Students have access to state-of-the-art instructional equipment and facilities. Some of their campus amenities include computer labs, a career center, and medical labs. This is in addition to spacious classrooms and a comfortable lounge area.


Keiser University has been fostering athletic prowess for four decades. The university has a long list of sports related programs and facilities, including a golf practice facility, a tennis practice court, a volleyball and basketball complex, and a football field. Among the programs is the Master of Science in Sport Management and Operations, which teaches students about the intricacies of the business side of the sport industry. Its curriculum focuses on developing leadership skills, and provides the necessary foundation for a career in the sports industry.

Another program offered by the school is the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, which aims to build knowledge for a professional career in the industry. As a part of this curriculum, students study the economics, law, marketing, and management aspects of the industry.


Keiser University is a private university located in Miami, Florida. It provides a career focused education in areas like business, criminal justice, technology, and health care. The university offers a number of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs. Besides its residential campus in West Palm Beach, Florida, the university has additional locations throughout the state of Florida and abroad. Several of its locations are staffed full-time.

Keiser University is a regionally accredited school and offers traditional delivery formats as well as several online learning opportunities. Students can choose from undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs. The school’s main campus is located in Fort Lauderdale, but it also has campuses in several other cities across the state. This means that students can enroll in a program in a location that is most convenient for them.

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Keiser University Announces The 2023 eCampus Course Schedule.



We at Keiser University are dedicated to helping you succeed by providing the professional and academic foundation needed to reach your educational goals and objectives. Keiser University continues to be an essential partner for employers and the community, most importantly, an ideal option for students who are serious about their education and future career.

At Keiser university, you get your education one class at a.

As students, you’ll take only one class per week for four weeks. You will also take your final exam before going to the next class. This will eliminate the need to manage multiple classes or multiple assignments and tests at the same time. This focus on one class, coupled with the small class size, allows you easy access to the Faculty and hands-on learning that fits your requirements.

Keiser University offers daytime, evening, night, or online classes that fit your schedule.

We recognize that students today have many obligations and responsibilities in their daily lives. We at Keiser provide the same high-quality education with diverse scheduling options to meet the demands of busy schedules. Suppose you decide to take evening, day, or online classes. In that case, you’ll discover a time within your program that will allow you to complete one of the most significant promises you could make – a pledge to continue your educational journey.

You’ll be able to benefit from smaller classes.

The school was created in 2000 when the Keiser family saw a demand for hands-on education in the field with small-sized classes. This concept of student-centered learning is still the basis of the Keiser mission and continues to draw students who appreciate an environment that is more intimate for learning.

At Keiser University, you receive an experience of learning through hands-on activities.

As a Keiser university student, you’ll not only be able to learn the theory of classrooms as well as gain valuable knowledge of the equipment you’ll likely utilize when you enter your new career. The tools and technology are used to prepare you for the demands of today’s workplace.

Keiser University is accredited as an institution and also has accreditations for specific programs.

The accreditation we have earned means we’re held to the highest quality standards. Our students are guaranteed the most effective education. We look for the highest quality accreditations for programs recognized by industry experts to ensure that we give our students the best possible opportunities in their field of study.

Keiser University is constantly monitoring developments in the workplace. It is possible to pursue careers in healthcare, business, computer, and technology, as well as culinary arts, education, or even legal studies.

Keiser University offers a career-focused program rated by employers in the state.

Keiser University has active advisory boards for every course of study at every campus. They are comprised of interested communities, experts from industry and community leaders, Faculty, alumni, and staff. In the state, thousands of members from advisory boards meet twice a year to discuss curriculum, equipment, and facilities that provide the latest in the art information regarding developments in the industries in which we offer courses. This assists you in preparing for a successful career in your chosen field of study.

Keiser University is among the largest independent career schools.

Keiser Universities has campuses across the state as well as online. Keiser University’s main campus is within Fort Lauderdale, with additional campuses in Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.

Keiser University’s online marine engineering program has a flexible schedule that allows students to earn degrees while working.

Keiser University eCampus is releasing the dates for its 2023 courses, providing an enlightened schedule for spa and pool professionals looking to further their knowledge.

A science associate two-year degree in marine engineering which is now entering its 8th academic year is offered through the university’s online eCampus degree program center. Thanks to its modular format of one month, it allows students to enroll anytime. Students enrolled in the program participate in one-on-one online learning with their instructor and interactive online discussions with other students. The class schedule includes live chat rooms every week and threaded discussion topics, and ‘Webliography’ projects.

“Many of our students have been in the industry for more than 10 years,” Program Director and Pool & Spa Marketing columnist Connie Sue Centrella. “It brings me joy to see them develop in their education and professional growth. It is a source of hope for the industry’s long-term future will depend on educated professionals.”

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