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Finger Lakes SPCA: Young cat Monique hopes you’ll join Hogs for Dogs | lifestyles

The Finger Lakes SPCA of CNY Special to The Citizen

Every Friday, The Citizen features a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York. This week, we spotlight Monique.

AGE: Estimating 2 years old

BREED: Domestic shorthair, black with white

COMMENTS: Monique, as with many other shelter felines, was abandoned. We don’t know why or what the circumstances were that led to this unfortunate event, but it happened. We are thrilled that Monique found her way to the shelter and that she is allowing us to help her find her new and fur-ever home!

We estimate that Monique is about 2 years old. She is very people-friendly, loves visitors and loves to interact with them. She also gets along very well with her feline condo mates from her.

Monique is fully vaccinated (rabies, distemper, feline kennel cough). She is negative for FIV/FeLv, has been treated for parasites and is spayed. She is totally ready to move on to the next and best phase of her beautiful life. Please stop by to check her out. She’s waiting for you!

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Q: Who is your best friend?

A: This may sound strange to you, but my BFF is a dog and she’s a dog that I have never met! My BFF is Athena. I know her from her only by reputation, but I do love her. I know that she is not fond of felines and that’s OK with me. I can love her from afar and hope that one day soon she finds her forever family de ella. I’m praying for you Athena — I hope you know that.

Every Friday, The Citizen features a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York. This week, we spotlight Athena.

Q: What is your favorite toy?

A: I have all of the typical cat toys that you can imagine. Squeaky things and bouncy things and so on. However, my favorite thing to be happy with is the occasional sniff of catnip! Let me give you a little info on nip. Most felines react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing and eventually zoning out. We may meow or growl at the same time. Some cats become hyperactive or downright aggressive, especially if you approach them. Usually these sessions last about 10 minutes, after which we lose interest. But those 10 minutes are the best minutes ever! I love my nip sessions!

Q: What is your worst experience?

A: I don’t speak English — only cat — so I’m not sure what “abandoned” means. My shelter peeps say that’s what happened to me. I have a feeling it’s not a good thing. I don’t need to know anything else.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: My shelter peeps say that I am friendly! I get along with other cats and I really enjoy our people visitors. I love to be petted, spoken to in soft tones and told how beautiful I am, which I am! I am a neat and fastidious girl, which means that I take litterbox manners very seriously. I am your basic awesome feline in need of a new home — now!

Q: If you could meet someone famous, who would that be?

A: I’m sure that most of our good Citizen readers are familiar with the novelist Mark Twain, right? We are familiar with his amazing contributions to the writing world. But perhaps you are not aware of Mr. Twain’s love of cats. It has been rumored that at one time Mr. Twain housed 19 cats. He made it apparent to many that he “purrfered” cats over people. I would have loved to meet Mr. Mark Twain!

Q: Do you have an interesting fact to share?

A: I think I do. Speaking of catnip, did you know that more than half of the world’s felines do not respond to catnip? Scientists still don’t know why some felines go crazy for catnip and others don’t, but they have figured out that catnip sensitivity is hereditary. If a kitten has one catnip-sensitive parent, there is a one in two chance that it will grow up to crave the nip. And if both parents react to nip, the odds increase greatly. Not sure how interesting you found this tidbit, but it might explain how and why your favorite feline reacts to catnip!

Q: Do you have any advice for our readers today?

A: Gone! I want to remind our good Citizen readers, and everyone else, that our 17th anniversary Hogs for Dogs charity motorcycle ride is only one week away! Yes, you read that right! My shelter people have been hosting this event for 17 years, and it gets better every year. There is an awesome (and safe) ride, a fantastic after-event with food and music and all kinds of raffles, a 50/50 raffle and more than I have time or room to talk about. So, you need to do this and help support my shelter feline and canine friends. We need you. Many purrs, licks and much love, Monique and friends.

The Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York is a New York state-registered shelter/rescue, registration No. RR-181. Pursuant to Article 26-A, Section 408 of the Agriculture and Markets Law, the registrant is authorized to operate as a registered pet rescue, in compliance with such law.


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