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How To Maintain Cats Off Counters (& Why), In accordance To A Veterinarian

After I adopted my cat Olive a few years in the past, I attempted my finest to maintain her off the counter tops. I attempted scolding her, and as a nicer tactic, merely taking her off of her and utilizing treats as constructive reinforcement. In fact, all this was in useless. As a lot as I’ve tried to rectify her habits from her, Olive continues to leap on counter tops. Kitchen, toilet, wherever there is a counter, she needs to be on it. I’ve now given up and accepted my kitty is a countertop hopper extraordinaire (whereas additionally at all times ensuring to have some disinfectant wipes available). I do know I am not alone since countertop hopping is a reasonably widespread trait for felines. The truth is, information exhibits that 1000’s of individuals each month search “the right way to preserve cats off counters.” In the event you’re like me, you have accepted this unhealthy behavior — even when you do not prefer it.

Nevertheless, it would assist to know that this habits is innate and never simply your kitty being flagrantly disobedient. “Climbing and exploring excessive areas is a traditional cat habits,” Dr. Megan McCarthy, a veterinarian at Greatest Associates Animal Society. “In nature, most cats favor to climb and discover and might really feel secure perched in areas off the bottom.”

If you wish to be taught extra about why cats bounce on counter tops, together with a few of the hottest strategies to maintain cats off counters, preserve studying.

Why do cats bounce on counter tops?

Along with their love of climbing and exploring, cats take pleasure in having a broader vantage level — they like a “chicken’s eye view,” so to talk — largely to maintain themselves secure, nevertheless it will also be linked to their looking nature. Plus, cats are simply curious creatures. They need to be the place the motion is and might’t resist investigating new issues.

Are there any risks for cats being on counter tops?

You in all probability do not love the concept of ​​the identical kitty ft that paw by way of the litter field tromping everywhere in the area you put together and serve meals. As a mother, you are programmed to guard your children from germs as a lot as doable. To not point out, anybody who has ever been awoken in the midst of the night time by their cat knocking one thing off the counter would see that as one more legitimate motive to not need your cats milling about up there.

Nevertheless, you are additionally in all probability apprehensive that your cat being on the counters may probably result in bother on your feline buddy — and that concern is not completely unfounded. Sure, cats have a repute for at all times touchdown on their ft, however that is not at all times the case. “Whereas cats, usually, have superb stability and land on their ft a majority of the time, younger kittens or cats with poor stability or different medical situations could not land on their ft, and it is best to maintain these specific cats off excessive areas,” McCarthy says.

In line with McCarthy, there are different risks for cats being on counter tops, together with stepping into poisonous human meals or cooking objects and getting onto sizzling stovetops. “Some cleansing options used on counter tops, similar to bleach or Lysol, may also scald their paw pads,” factors out McCarthy. “It is also extra sanitary for human meals preparation if cats are stored off counter tops.”

What are some tricks to preserve cats off counter tops?

To maintain cats off counter tops, McCarthy recommends offering applicable excessive perches that they’re allowed to discover — like a tall cat tree, a window ledge, or different selfmade cat perches connected excessive up on the wall. “Offering cats with these areas are nice environmental enrichment for indoor cats,” she says. You’ll be able to entice cats to climb the suitable perches and make them extra interesting than the counter tops. You need to use constructive reinforcement with treats and catnip on the suitable perches, whereas making the counters much less interesting.”

She additionally suggests utilizing tinfoil, parchment paper, or double-sided tape on the counter, explaining, “Cats are inclined to dislike the sensation of those supplies below their paws and can hopefully be taught to keep away from this space. If these supplies on the counter aren’t working, you will have to resort to utilizing a sprig bottle with water to discourage the cat from leaping up on the counters.”

No matter you do, do not resort to pushing your cat off the counter. Once more, regardless of the folklore, cats do not at all times land on their ft! The very last thing you need to do is harm your loved ones feline.

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