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Is your canine shedding an excessive amount of hair? Specialists on attainable causes

Each canine ​​sheds hair and it protects their pores and skin from the dangerous rays of the solar, air pollution and in addition helps in eliminating the outdated or broken hair. How a lot hair a canine would lose is determined by the breed or the time of the 12 months. These with a double layer of fur shed greater than these with a single layer of fur. Nevertheless, when you discover extreme hair loss in your canine accompanied by dangerous patches, redness, licking and itching, you will need to seek the advice of a vet to seek out out the underlying trigger behind this an excessive amount of shedding. There may very well be an array of causes from allergy, pores and skin parasites, dietary deficiency, to flawed meals. (Additionally learn: Rabies to ringworm; 7 illnesses you may get from pets)

“Hair loss is quite common in canines and cats however an excessive amount of of it should not be ignored and a vet’s recommendation have to be sought instantly. There may very well be many elements behind it from autoimmune fungal, bacterial, or hormonal which may result in secondary infections. We also needs to think about diet as mineral and vitamin deficiency can be the reason for hair loss in canines and cats.Worm infestation, allergic reactions to sure meals, setting and sure crops may add to hair loss in pets.

So early prognosis makes the situation simpler to deal with and helps our pets to have joyful life,” says Dr Vinod Sharma, Head of Veterinary Providers at DCC Animal Hospital.

“Shedding in canines is a traditional bodily perform for regulating their physique temperature. Extreme shedding, nonetheless, is a trigger for concern and will usually be characterised by bald patches, rashes, redness, and extreme rubbing or licking. There are a number of causes that trigger extreme shedding. Firstly, verify your canine’s weight-reduction plan. Food plan is an important consider sustaining holistic well being. An absence of proteins and different necessary vitamins might trigger extreme shedding. Another excuse may very well be pores and skin parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites. It have to be handled instantly to keep away from irritation and different pores and skin infections.They could even be allergic to sure meals or medicines.Lastly, a change in a canine’s setting, meals, and/or every day routine could be aggravating for them, inflicting hair loss together with redness or rashes,” says Dr Nikita Singh, Senior Veterinary Officer at Wiggles.

“Dietary deficiencies are one of many greatest causes of hair loss which are sometimes underestimated. Aside from that, infections similar to bacterial and fungal infections, infestations by parasites like ticks and fleas can all result in fur loss. You have to think about visiting a veterinarian in case your canine is shedding an excessive amount of hair as in some instances, it could point out a hormonal imbalance,” says Dr Nameeta Nadkarni, Consulting Vet – PetKonnect.

“Canine can lose fur in response to flea or pores and skin mite infestations. When fleas chew, their saliva causes an immune response within the physique. Puppies which are allergic to flea saliva will develop a full-body response with intense itching and infected pores and skin. They usually undergo from hair loss, ulcers and infections as a consequence of licking, scratching and chewing on the pores and skin,” says Karan Gupta- Founding father of Goofy Tails- Diet Centered Pet Merchandise firm.



“Allergic reactions are a standard and protracted downside for a lot of canines. Similar to people, canines could be allergic to virtually something, from components of their meals to environmental elements. Though respiratory signs might happen, canines usually tend to have pores and skin reactions when uncovered to allergens,” says Gupta.


Malnutrition isn’t an issue for canines in loving houses except there may be competitors from different pets. Nevertheless, some pups have stricter dietary wants than others. Rising puppies require increased energy, protein and fats to develop, and canines with sure medical situations may additionally want to regulate their weight-reduction plan to keep up wholesome pores and skin and coat, says Gupta.


“It is very important maintain your pets clear and groomed. Common grooming additionally retains your canines wholesome. A couple of steps to maintain your canine’s wholesome and well-groomed are frequent coat brushing, common bathing, trimming your canine’s overgrown fur, and occasional flea and tick sprays.Be sure you use the suitable care merchandise for the perfect outcomes.You too can use coconut oil often to therapeutic massage your pet because it helps with itching and provides shine to the coat,” says Gupta.


Poor weight-reduction plan and diet can be the reason for extreme shedding in canines. Spend money on high quality meals in your canines that don’t comprise any fillers. Including olive oil to your canine’s weight-reduction plan may assist. Be sure that your canine has entry to wash consuming water, says Gupta.

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