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KDUZ Pet Patrol – July 22nd

Every week we will introduce you to some of the most adorable, adoptable pets available from our partner shelters Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter, Tri-County Humane Society, Pet Haven of MN, Hawk Creek Animal Shelter, Underdog Rescue, MN, Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and Ruff Start Rescue. Join us Fridays as we introduce them to you on Classic Hits KDUZ.

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Heart of Minnesota Animal Center Angela, Coral & Opal

Hi, our names are Angelica, Coral, and Opal. We came to the shelter after we lost our mother, so we spent the first few weeks here with a volunteer foster home. Now we’re living at the shelter and last week we went to see a person called a vet, a lady with them said that they were going to fix us; we didn’t even know we were broken! We’re not sure what that was all about but after feeling groggy for a few hours we’re back to 100%, running around and having a great time.

For more information on this kitty trios, please contact the shelter by clicking here.

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Ruff Start Dog & Cat Rescue – Sunny

My name is Sunny, and just like my name, my personality shines brightly. I am a 55-pound female Pit Bull Terrier mix. I am the perfect companion: snuggle appreciator, smart, and squeaky toy connoisseur are just a few of my greatest talents. Just check my references! I enjoy taking walks and smelling all the smells. I’m looking for a companion who doesn’t mind my occasional zoomies (I am 55 pounds, after all!), can give me my daily allergy pill, and is moderately experienced with dogs.

I came from a situation where having a home, food, water, and being loved was NOT a guarantee. Because of this, I become protective and tend to defend my home. Anyone who does not live in the home feels like a stranger to me. I need someone to help me work through these issues. When I do become comfortable with someone, I am outstanding at giving love and attention. I just can’t wait to join your home because I always add a little sunshine wherever I go! For more information on Sunny and how to adopt, visit

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Hawk Creek Animal Shelter – Camille


Don’t judge me by my looks, because once my coat comes back in, I will be a gorgeous 6-year-old German Shepard again! My name is Camille and being fabulous is my game.

I do enjoy a good car ride and want to have a conversation with the driver. I’m a wonderful hiking partner and will eventually enjoy water, it just takes me a bit. Then I need to try to bite/catch those pesky waves. Squeaky toys are the best thing since sliced ​​bread! I’m good for my baths when I have a peanut butter lick matt to keep myself entertained. Cats are not my friends and I need to be introduced to a dog before I know if they will be my good friends or not. I am a bit bougie and would love a pup cup at your local coffee shop once in a while!

To find out more about this beautiful girl, please click here.

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Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS) – Loretta

Please everyone, say hello to Loretta.

She is potty and kennel trained. Very timid still so no young kids. Love’s all dogs and good with our cat. She tends to be very shy at times but she LOVES to cuddle in bed with people. That is when she is most relaxed and enjoys kisses and belly rubs.

Needs a quieter household with another dog to show her the way and older kids. Ella needs to build trust with someone but once she does, she’s all in so be patient… It may take a few months. Our girl likes to roam, so a fenced in backyard required.

Click here! to apply today!

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Tri-County Animal Shelter – kudo

We have a ferret looking for a home! Kudo is 2 years old and neutralized, and he’s a sweet and energetic boy. He loves all kinds of treats and is not a picky eater. He’s done well with young kids and has been married to other ferrets in his past. Kudo even knows a few tricks such as giving kisses and sitting on your shoulder.

Kudo will require a large enclosure with multiple levels; he’ll need a lot of enrichment such as PVC piping, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and even denim blue jeans for tunneling. Ferrets do best in pairs or groups of the same sex. They are obligate carnivores and require a meat protein commercial diet. Snacks, such as chicken or turkey, are recommended; fruits and vegetables should be avoided. Talk to a TCHS staff member about ferret care!

To find out more about this active little guy, or to give him a new home, please click here.

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Underdog Pet Rescue of MN – Harper

Hello, my name is Harper and I am a loving and sweet female English bulldog! I am a mix of silly and sassy and want to be your best friend! Like a typical bulldog, I have my own ideas about life and enjoy being who I am – I know you will too! For all of those bulldog fans out there, yes, I am all bulldog in personality and size. 55 pounds of love and my bully traits have impressed the super fans here.

I enjoy being in the fenced yard, taking naps and following my people around the house. I am getting a little older so don’t play like I used to but am a happy girl that is ready to find a nice calm home with comfy beds and lots of treats! My ideal forever home will not have many stairs, this ol’ girl just can’t jump around and like I used to, so one-level living would be great. I would also like a fenced yard, it isn’t my preference to go potty when on a leash, so having a fenced yard would be wonderful!

My people in my foster home are the best, they took me to the vet and she said that I was born with a slightly smaller eye and simply can’t see well out of it. I really am a delightful girl who is ready to find my forever family. I promise to do my best to be a loyal and loving bestie! All I need now is to find a patient forever family who will love me unconditionally and never give up on me! If you are looking for a big personality to add sparkle to your life, then you have met your perfect match! For more info, click here.

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Mazey & Pokey

Pet Haven of Minnesota – Mazey & Pokey

Are you looking for a pair of snuggle bugs who want nothing more than to stay together forever and be loved by their humans?! Mazy and Pookey are your duo! These two sweethearts will melt your heart quicker than you can say cuddle! Which truly is how they would love to spend every minute of every day. Mix in a few short walks and some stretch time but then it is right back to burrowing in the blankets or basking in the sunniest spot in the room in preparation for a nap.

Mazy is an 8-year-old, 6-pound gal and does pretty well with house-training when on a consistent schedule. Pookey is a 14-year-old, 8-pound fella who consistently tries to pee on things and so has no problem rocking a belly band. Pretty stylish if you ask us! This wonderful duet cannot wait to find their forever humans who will cuddle with them and love them unconditionally!

If you are interested in this dog, don’t waste time with an inquiry! Fill out an application here to get the ball rolling…please click here and fill out Pet Haven’s adoption application.

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Join us live every Friday morning as we present adorable, adoptable pet, upcoming events and news for you and your pet. Join us live Fridas as we introduce them to you live on Classic Hits 96-5 & 12-60, Memories and More KDUZ.

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