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Keiser University purchases its Central Florida campus land



Keiser University has taken a more long-term step towards expansion at the Central Florida campuses.

The Fort Lauderdale-based independent college’s associated company Everglades College Inc. paid around $32.7 million, below the market and the appraised value in December. 30 to acquire the following property it had been renting on three campuses from the Fort Lauderdale-based Hercules Properties Ltd. and Hercules Orlando Inc., co-founder and Chancellor Arthur Keiser told OBJ :

  • $12.4 Million in Orlando
  • $16.1 Million in Melbourne
  • $4.2 million in Daytona Beach

The final goal of the institution, which was acquired by 501(c)3 non-profit Everglades College Inc. in 2011, is to be the sole owner of all of its 17 Florida campuses’ property, Keiser told OBJ. The university now has five campuses, including the famous West Palm Beach campus. The school is 30 per cent closer to achieving its goal. “It’s a major positive step for the university. It’s a natural evolution for the institution.”

Additionally, the university plans to build on the properties, including expanding the small Daytona Beach campus that serves approximately 600 students on 1800 Business Park Boulevard. in the coming two years, Keiser said .

The 7-acre campus of Orlando’s 5600 Lake Underhill Road connects Semoran Boulevard (State Road 436) just five minutes east of downtown Orlando and has around 1,200 students. It is the third-highest of the campuses, spokeswoman for the university Kelli Lane said to OBJ. The campus’s minor maintenance, including new awnings, is shortly for the campus’ 33,583-square-foot structure, built in 1967, and its 20.637-square-foot structure, which was built in 2008.

Lane said that Melbourne’s campus, located at 900 S. Babcock St., has around 1,000 students on it, which is the fourth-highest of the campuses in the city. A 30,000-square-foot structure was built the last time around, and no additional improvements are underway.

Colleges usually purchase the land they have campuses situated on to prepare themselves for longer-term growth and expansions in the future. That’s precisely the plan Keiser University had in mind for this transaction. Lane stated:”It represents a substantial dedication to our community, a commitment that we’re staying.”

Keiser University’s 3800 staff members assist approximately 20,000 students who seek master’s, bachelors and doctoral degrees. They offer over 100 degrees on campus and online through its international graduate school and the College of Golf and Sport Management divisions.

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Columbia SC University admits to submitting incorrect data to be considered in college rankings.



Columbia University said that it used “outdated and ineffective methods” when it submitted information in the form of U.S. News & World Report for inclusion in the magazine’s 2020 college ranking, as per the statement issued by the school on Friday.

“The Columbia undergraduate experience has always been centred around small classes led by highly competent faculty. That is the case for all of us. However, anything less than 100% accuracy of the data we publish, regardless of size or reason, is incompatible with the standard of excellence that Columbia adheres to,” the statement reads. “We deeply regret the shortcomings in our earlier reports and have committed to making improvements.”

This month, Columbia mathematics professor Michael Thaddeus was adamant about Columbia Mathematics Professor Michael Thaddeus’s concerns about the Ivy League school’s rise in ranking from 18th, when it first began its existence at the time of its founding in 1988, to the second spot in 2021. In a statement to Columbia university’s Department of Mathematics website, Thaddeus noted that “few other top-ranked universities have increased their rankings; however, none have been able to match Columbia’s incredible growth.”

Thaddeus mentioned data provided by Columbia University for U.S. News & World Report in an attempt to challenge Columbia’s rapid climb in rankings.

“Can we be certain that the information accurately reflects the real-life conditions of University life?” Thaddeus rhetorically asked. “Regrettably, the answer is”no.”

The math professor later tabulated information on “undergraduate students, class sizes, per cent of faculty who have terminal degrees, the percentage of faculty members who are full-time, as well as the student-faculty ratio” provided to Columbia University the U.S. News & World Report and then compares the information “with figures derived through other methods using data that was made available through Columbia in other publications.”

In his report, Thaddeus said there were “discrepancies often quite significant”, which appeared to be in Columbia’s favour.

As a response to Thaddeus’ conclusions, Columbia University Provost Mary Boyce stated in a statement issued in June that the school will “refrain from sending information in the form of U.S. News and World Report” to be used for inclusion in its 2022 college rankings for undergraduates.

“On two metrics being questioned in the course of our instructor [Thaddeus], the size of classes and faculty who hold terminal degrees, we discovered that we previously used outdated and inaccurate methodologies. As shown in the recently published Common Data Sets,” Boyce wrote in June we have changed the methodology for the upcoming and present data submissions.

Boyce stated that in Fall 2022, the institution would begin to participate in the Common Data Set (CDS) Initiative, “a collaborative effort between data providers within the higher education industry as well as publishing houses” to provide accurate data to students who want information about universities of higher Education According to the website of the initiative.

The CDS Initiative, represented by U.S. News & World Report and along with the College Board and educational services company Peterson’s The initiative was established by the College Board in 1997 to offer the higher education sector “a set of standards and definitions for data items, rather than an instrument for survey or a set of data stored in databases.”

U.S. News Chief Data Strategist Robert Morse told CNN Monday that the schools submit most of the information in rankings. Best Colleges rankings directly to U.S. News.

“Each calendar year, U.S. News sends an exhaustive questionnaire to all four-year accredited institutions and colleges,” he explained. “U.S. News is an early participant in the Common Data Set initiative, including questions from the CDS and its own on this survey. U.S. News relies on schools to provide accurate information.”

Alongside the commitment to participating in The CDS Initiative, Boyce also announced the creation of a website providing the full context and analysis of Columbia University’s undergraduate experience. Columbia University undergraduate experience.

The month of July saw U.S. News & World Report was unable to rank Columbia University “from several rankings from their 2022 edition of Best Colleges (first released in September 2021),” declaring that the school “failed to comply with numerous U.S. News requests that the university prove certain information it submitted previously,” according to a blog post published by U.S. News. It needs to be clarified if Thaddeus’s publication of his findings on the data Columbia submitted for review by U.S. News & World Report could have led to the school’s denial of a ranking.

In his statement on Friday, Boyce said the university published two standard data sets: one for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering, and one specifically for Columbia General Studies.

“The information contained inside these two Common Data Sets reflects the University’s recent efforts to evaluate our data collection practices in response to questions from one of our faculty members about the reliability of data that the University supplied in 2021 to U.S. News and World Report in 2021 to determine its rankings of colleges and universities for undergraduates,” Boyce said.

“U.S. News releases each year rankings that cover more than 11500 institutions and hundreds of programs that are in the Best Colleges, Best Graduate Schools, Best Online Programs, Best Global Universities and Best High Schools rankings,” Morse said in an announcement on Monday.

“To make a ranking, U.S. News collects thousands of information points from schools and other sources, including those from the U.S. Department of Education along with local and state government agencies and higher education associations. Only some schools that are ranked, usually less than 0.1 per cent per year, notify U.S. News that they had inaccurate data to determine their rankings.

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Northwood University – West Palm Beach Campus will be transformed into Keiser University.



West Palm Beach – Keiser University is pleased to announce an agreement with Northwood University. Northwood University will be able to expand its educational offerings at Northwood University’s Midland, Michigan, residential campus. Northwood University will continue its long-term goal to establish a residential campus. Keiser UniversityThis agreement will ensure that the two institutions are able to fulfill their long-term commitments toward students. It also ensures that students at the West Palm Beach campus receive a seamless education. The agreement is subject to final regulatory approvals and governmental approvals.

Keiser University’s Chancellor and CEO, Dr. Arthur Keiser, stated that “We are committed to continuing to provide students opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding, and talent necessary to compete globally and reach their dreams.” This agreement will allow our regionally-accredited, not-for-profit UniversityUniversity to meet our goal to provide students with a residential, traditional, educational experience in West Palm Beach, Florida.”

“Keiser University will be offering educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at its new location. There are now 18 campuses across Florida. Keiser stated that Keiser University has always been committed to a student-first philosophy. This helps students prepare for fulfilling and meaningful careers.

Keith A., Northwood President, and Chief Executive Officer. Pretty stated, “Northwood University – West Palm Beach has been providing an exceptional business education experience for 31 years.” Keiser University is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with the West Palm Beach campus in support of our students. Keiser University has been providing high-quality education in Florida for approximately 40 years. We are confident that the current Northwood University – Florida faculty, staff, and students are in good hands. Northwood will continue its legacy in Michigan by reinvesting all of our efforts there. Northwood will continue its legacy through reinvesting its efforts on its residential campus in Michigan and with its graduate programs, International Program Centers, and Adult Degree Program Centers across the country,” he stated.

Beginning July 1, 2015, all current Northwood University – West Palm Beach undergraduates will be eligible to become Keiser University students. Students from Northwood and Keiser Universities will be assisted in understanding their options for achieving their educational goals.

Keiser University’s new Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an exciting development. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to help graduates start their own businesses and achieve greater success in their chosen fields. Many alumni of Northwood University and Keiser University have already used it. Keiser will continue Northwood University’s existing extracurricular programs, including the athletic programs.

About Keiser University:

Keiser University, a private university, is home to nearly 20,000 students who are pursuing doctoral or associate degrees at 17 campuses. They also have a network of international partners. The UniversityUniversity employs 3,500 faculty and staff.

Sixty-two percent of KU students are graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or healthcare fields. This talent pool allows Florida to compete internationally.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited Keiser University to award degrees and certificates at the associate, master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels. For questions regarding the accreditation of Keiser University,

Northwood University

Northwood University provides students with the best personal attention in order to help them succeed in their career and their community. It encourages critical thinking, personal effectiveness, ethics, individual freedom, and responsibility.

Northwood University is a private, non-profit institution that has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is a residential campus with full-service and entrepreneurial programs. Adult Degree Programs can be found in seven states, with many delivery options, including online. DeVos Graduate School provides day, evening, and weekend programming in Michigan, Texas. Michigan’s Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity & Enterprise offers system-wide expertise in the family business, entrepreneurship, and new business development. Studying abroad is possible as well in Program Centers located in China (Changchun, Wuxi), Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and China (Changchun, Wuxi).

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The Disruptive Innovators of Keiser University



Get a peek inside the campus for the online educational program at Keiser University through the views of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

As one of six kids from a family that relied on food stamps to get by, Dr Jennifer Peluso never dreamed of going to college. Although she was granted the opportunity to study at a prestigious private liberal arts institution–the very first of her family to receive it–the distinction between her finances and that of students at the other schools created a feeling she could not shake the feeling that she didn’t belong there.

One day, one day, an American Studies professor of hers observed Peluso’s discomfort at school and gave her some life-changing advice. She assured her that, despite how Peluso felt, she belonged at the school. She added, “You won’t be successful unless you ask questions.”

The words stuck to Peluso, and she made it her mission to make others feel the same sense of belonging. From that point on, her eyes were focused on a profession devoted to university administration.

Presently, Peluso works for Keiser University’s West Palm Beach, FL, Flagship campus as the Dean of Academic Affairs. She is there to assist faculty members with their philosophy of putting students first, which has been the foundation of Keiser’s from the beginning. She prefers to think of faculty members as “disruptive innovators,” people who fill a gap in a student’s education that other schools might miss.

Many of the faculty comes from the industries they hope to work in rather than academics. This makes it the ideal home for the online portion of the LPGA Professionals education program, which helps students become LPGA-certified golf instructors and golf course managers. Instead of studying golf theory, students are taught by those who have played, taught and managed their golf courses and facilities, offering an individualized and liberal arts-based education.

Keiser is proud to serve the needs of traditional and students who are not traditional – adults with changing careers and first-time students leaving high school. Anyone is accepted, and each policy and program is designed to provide the best opportunities for members of the faculty as well as staff to support students in the best way they can.

Keiser University College of Golf Faculty member and prominent figure in Keiser University’s LPGA Education program, Donna White, assisted in the transition of the courses to Keiser’s online space. Peluso praises White for her contribution to getting Keiser, the LPGA, and Keiser connected. In keeping with Keiser’s spirit, White saw an opportunity to enhance Keiser’s golf Management Program. As an active participant in the LPGA Professionals herself, she experienced the challenges of coordinating instruction in person for students who are not traditional. Since Keiser is adept at handling online courses effectively, White came up with the idea of fully embracing an online-based platform.

Keiser University’s Golf Management Program at Keiser University assists students in translating their love for golf into a lucrative career. Instead of training students for a career on the Tour, they also teach hard and soft skills, just like in their other programs. They teach skills that directly transfer into the business world. The program lets students turn their passion for golf into useful business-related skills, integrating their love for golf into the management of their clubs or even their businesses.

Peluso explained that At Keiser, the school gives every student a chance, particularly those who have faced challenges elsewhere. However, they know how significant this opportunity can be for students. Each day reminds her of the necessity to give them a chance for students to feel valued whenever they can.

“When I first got here,” Peluso told me about her experience as a player at Keiser, “I was amazed by the care and attention provided to every student. You can see this in the golf programs. They are taking their time to meet with every student, and this will keep going.”

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