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Ohio State now a pro football team, and NIL feels shady

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On college players getting paid

To the editor: Columbus has always wanted a professional football team, and now it has one in our beloved Buckeyes. Players Stroud, Henderson, Smith-Njigba and Burke will be paid over a half million dollars by The Foundation to share their football prowess with us. Congratulations to them for cashing in. May I suggest in addition to their regular football statistics we add a column for pay for pass, catch and tackle to see whether that are earning their pay as student athletes?

Michael Oser, Columbus

To the editor: I’m a B school grad and retired businessman so I understand the concept of leverage. Still, I wish I could grasp how Brian Schottenstein and his foundation are doing more good for charities by paying players to show up at events rather than give the charities a half million in donations directly as he claimed in Monday’s article. If this notion can be made clear, I might be less suspicious of the “good” that NIL deals are doing.

When you’re finished with that one, I’d also like to know how a fat cat gets a charitable gift tax deduction for the money used to pay said players for hawking footwear and furniture.

Bob Moorehead, Columbus

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