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You should watch this cat video endorsing a Michigan political candidate right meow

MOUNT PLEASANT, MI — A candidate seeking a seat on Michigan’s state House is gaining some paws-itive attention thanks to a campaign video featuring him and a cat.

Anthony Feig, a Democrat running for District 92 in the state House, uploaded the 150-second video to YouTube on Saturday (or “#Caturday,” as Feig put it), July 16. He also shared the video on Facebook and Twitter.

Since then, the marketing gained traction on social media, including attention from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who re-tweeted the video.

“I don’t personally know Anthony, and yet, it feels like having him in Lansing might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Nessel wrote in a Wednesday, July 20, message.

Feig immediately responded to the fellow Democrat on Twitter: “The Cat and I thank you! Well, I thank you, but The Cat is asleep.”

Yes, Feig in the video calls the cat “The Cat,” backed by a tag with the name “Cat.”

The promotional piece features Feig pseudo-conversing with the 9-year-old British shorthair female feline, using human English.

“Anyway, cats and a sizable majority of people like what you stand for and we think you’re a decent guy,” The Cat says via Feig’s very-obvious ventriloquy. “For the most part.”

When Feig interjects about the passive endorsement, The Cat pseudo-clarifies: “Cats would like you to take a stronger position on cleaning our litterboxes. Meow.”

The conversation includes Feig informing viewers how to volunteer and contribute financially to his political campaign. When he asks The Cat to sign up as a volunteer online, the feline’s response involves a promise to walk across Feig’s keyboard.

Feig, a 53-year-old professor of geography and environmental studies at Central Michigan University, said he produced the promo to add a light touch to a sometimes-harsh political environment.

“Of course, there are some folks who think the video is ridiculous or dumb or silly,” he said.

“My position is, of course it’s silly. I’ll read into that. The stakes in American politics are incredibly high and deadly serious all the time, and it is too easy to slip into despair about that. Taking a minute to laugh together can help people be just a little bit more compassionate and cooperative.”

While the video caught people’s attention online this week, Feig said his campaign has included plenty of forums — including regular newsletters and a website — where he regularly communicates his position on policy and social issues.

“A man can be serious without taking himself too seriously,” said the first-time political candidate.

Still, Feig said he likely will produce other campaign material aimed at lightening the mood. After the attention generated by his most recent video of him, The Cat may even return for an appearance.

“I’m thinking about a second video where we give a nod to (Nessel),” Feig said of the attorney general. “Ella She seems to like cats.”

Feig is the lone Democrat in the race for state House District 92, which encompasses Isabella County and northern Gratiot County. Alma, Mount Pleasant, and St. Louis are among the district’s municipalities.

In November, he will face the winner of the Tuesday, Aug. 2, primary election battle between five Republicans pursuing the seat: Thomas Anderman, Gene Haymaker, Jerry Neyer, Todd Schorle and Erin Zimmer.

“The Cat” is a 9-year-old British shorthair who appeared in a campaign video promoting Anthony Feig, a Democrat running for District 92 in the Michigan state House in 2022.

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